Book protector gifts

  • December 15, 2023
Book protectors

Here's a reminder to me to take photos before putting gifts in mailers! I only took the one, and it's got my hand in the shadow. Oh well. I made 6 little book protector bags for a few friends in my online book club. We've been friends for a couple years now, and it's great to have a little community online! I used quilting cotton in assorted patterns, let my friends choose two fabrics each, and sewed up these reversible book protectors. My process:

  1. Cut out 4 rectangles of 8.25" x 11.25" fabric - 2 in one fabric (A), 2 in another fabric (B)

  2. Cut out 2 rectangles of quilt batting - about 9.5" x 13"

  3. Cut out two strips of fabric for ties - 1" x 12"

  4. Quilt fabric A to the quilt batting - so you have two tiny little quilts

  5. Sew up your mini quilts good sides together along 3 sides - two long sides, and one short side.

  6. Sew up fabric B in the same fashion as above, just leave a 3" gap on the short side unsewn so you can turn everything right side out.

  7. Sew spaghetti straps from the fabric strips and turn them right side out.

  8. Place right sides together of fabric A bag and fabric B bag, and put the spaghetti straps in between them. Sew up the remaining top side

  9. Flip everything right side out, and hand sew the opening in Fabric B

I'm very pleased with how they came out! They fit most of my paperback books, and smaller hardbacks.

A great way to use up assorted fat quarters, and a fairly easy to sew gift for Christmas.