Halloween Quilted Book Protector

  • September 1, 2023
Open book case

My first blog post! I finished this quilted book cover on August 31, 2023. It was my first time trying to quilt anything ever, so I started very small, and really only sewed 7 official "quilt" seams.

I used this free pattern from Made By JOJO, and sewed it up using some quilting cotton by Ruby Star Society - in their Tiny Frights collection. I got an entire fat quarter bundle of all this collection's fabrics, so I'll be making a bunch of different Halloween projects and posting about them here. One of my favourite things about this fabric is that a bunch of it actually GLOWS IN THE DARK. In the fabrics I used this time, the eyes, the lightning bolts, and the skulls actually glow. Love it.


I'm not super happy with the binding as it gets a bit messy in some places, but I'll blame the zipper being in the way during sewing, me forgetting to iron the binding, and also me deciding not to re-do it since this is just for my use. I have a sort of bad habit where I don't go for absolute perfection when it's just something I'll be using. I truly don't care or really notice, but it ALSO means that I don't get a lot of practice on how to do things neatly when I'm making gifts. Hah, woops!


Otherwise I am just so stoked about this little book protector and that it fits a huge variety of books in it!