Jurassic Park Shorts

  • November 13, 2023
Jurassic Park Shorts on body

This summer I was looking through my wardrobe and realized I really owned no pairs of shorts that fit me. Montreal summers are way too hot and humid to try to get away with wearing the pants I own, so I went out to find a pair of shorts that I wanted. When I rewatched Jurassic Park, I just knew which pair of shorts I needed to have. Laura Dern's BEAUTIFUL 90s pleated shorts.


I definitely needed a pair of pleated, high-waisted, mid-length shorts that I could wear with a belt and look 90s dinosaur park chic. I ended up choosing the Protea Pants pattern available on Etsy, and just shortened the length by quite a bit. Otherwise I didn't make any modifications to this pattern, even though it gives instructions on modifying the seat. The pattern as-is worked just fine for me.


I chose some really nice 4.8oz washed linen from Blackbird Fabrics that made these breezy to wear, but not too light.